Submission Guidelines

We seek contributions that explore the intersections of the lofty and the quotidian, the personal and the abstract, and the general question: "what is it like to be ____?" It is the tangling of mundane human experience, existential inquiry, and artistic expressions that excites us. For more about our scope and vision, see manifesto.

Word-oriented submissions: Essays, poetry, memoir, short short fiction, reviews, traditional scholarship, informational pieces should fall within the general 2,000 word limit. Interviews are generally conducted by Artocratic staff. However, if you have an idea, talk to us.

Visual Art: We accept two-dimensional art that comes across effectively on an electronic screen. We favor work that leans towards the abstract and away from telling too much of a specific story.

Video, audio, multi-media, and "other": Anything that another human can see or hear through the medium of computer technology is fair game. Experiments may be proposed. We are interested in pushing the boundaries of art forms, leaning hard into the perceived limits of all media's interfacing potential.

Payment: At this time, we do not offer monetary payment for pieces published in Artocratic. Do like us and just focus on the glory.

Due dates are rolling – that's the beauty of our online, non-issue-based format. In general, your work will be spotlighted on our Web site for a minimum of three months, perhaps longer, and will most likely remain up in archives indefinitely.

If you are simultaneously submitting, or have already submitted, the same piece to another publication, we need to know that. In general, articles or items submitted for publication should not have been previously published elsewhere. (This does not apply to music or visual art.) Exceptions can be negotiated. If your work has been previously published and we agree to publish it in Artocratic, you are responsible to supply us with information about any rights you have granted to other publications.

Artocratic editors reserve the right to edit with respect to length or flow; but any substantive changes will be made in consultation with the author or with author's consent.

By submitting your work, you grant us the rights to use your name and the accepted work (whole or part) on our Web site and in print publication versions of Artocratic. Beyond these uses, and following publication, rights revert to the author. Subsequent submissions of your piece to other publications should include acknowledgment as "FIRST PUBLISHED IN ARTOCRATIC" and the date it went up. (As above, this does not apply to music or visual art.)

Since protection against misuse of intellectual properties is difficult on the Internet, Artocratic cannot be held liable for misuse of contributions published.

How to Submit Your Work
Text: Please send your work as an editable file (no PDFs) attached to an email.

Static Visual Art: Send us an email with a link to a web site, or an email with .jpgs attached.

Audio or Video files: Send us an email with a link to a hosting web site (such as Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud) or a Dropbox invitation (using the email below) or a disk with copyable files (using the postal address provided below).

Email Address: Put after the name of our magazine (artocratic)

Postal Address:
24127 97th Ave SW
Vashon Island, WA 98070

Contributors should include a brief statement about their work, as well as a few sentences of biographical information. Visual artists, please include a short artist's statement.

Include all contact information with your submission.